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How To Grow High Porosity Hair,HAIR POROSITY TEST – OrganiGrowHairCo,Oil for high porosity hair|2020-05-02

characteristics of high porosity hairHigh Porosity Hair — The Mestiza Muse

My hair is really dry.We’ve become more knowledgeable about our hair but I often wonder if it makes any difference: my mum washes, parted and greased my hair with Dax as a kid and I never had any problems.And whats interesting is as I watch natural hair YouTube videos the ladies I come across with the longest hair do the least to it.Jul 23, 2015I have high porosity hair, I did a big chop…all off and started over because I was told that high porosity hair is damaged hair.Butters and puddings are also not friendly to my hair.These cuticles can ….As the outstanding principal balance of the loan decreases, the amount of assessed interest will also decrease.


If it sinks, your porosity is high.Low porosity struggles to take in moisture because the hair cuticle lays so close together/tightly shut.Now I know what products to use and how to use them.Hair strands will almost always float in water, due to the fact that the hair is typically covered in oil.The more porous your hair is the more moisture is usually absorbed.I kept asking and looking for answers to why my hair was so different from when I was younger.High Porosity Hair: Moisture Tips.It is seen, however, that heat is influential in raising the cuticle irrespective of the level of heat and the duration of exposure.

high porosity hair tipsHair Porosity: The Insider’s Guide To Understanding Porous …

Also, in your opinion, which is better – LOC or LCO?.I had natural hair,and I start perm in march it was nice and thick and healthyNow it starting to thinning and shedsI get my hair done twice a monthAnd they do deep conditioningI need helpShould I buy products to for my hairI hope and pray u could help.If you’re too aggressive while performing these common techniques, you’ll potentially cause lots of unnecessary hair damage leading to higher porosity levels, especially as your hair ages.I decided to cut off half of my hair two days ago and I’m trying to get my hair healthy.

Proper Hair Care Routine For High Porosity Hair

For info, I have 3c low porosity hair with coarse/dense hair.“Place one strand of hair in a glass of water,” explains Bailey.Unfortunately “heat training” is very controversial.000 productson my hair is a special kind of problem for me but cream of nature , cantu shea butter range andshea mositure seem to be doing the trick.I’m going to incorporate another pre-conditioning treatment of aloe vera and neem oil to see if it will extend the moisture life of 3-4 days.But we know that is not true.I only use the clarying shampoo now.

high porosity hair tipsHigh Porosity Hair: What It Is And How To Care For It

Does using heat make a huge difference in terms of deep conditioning? I’m really hoping it does, going to try this 🙂.More than My Cousin Vinny, more than all my television work in Britain, more than anything.Just yesterday we spoke about products needed to make your hair care regimen a success if you have hair that is considered highly porous.Heat can be to the detriment of high porosity hair.If these protein bonds become damaged, not only is high porosity hair a likely result, but the weakened strands are more susceptible to breakage.

High Porosity Hair: What It Is And How To Care For It

Protein treatments bind to the gaps in the high cuticle, gradually strengthening the weakened bonds.I’ve been battling with low porosity hairI would really like all the help I can get and the list of so products I can get tohelp me??.I have been natural all my life, but in my case natural has not always meant healthy.Low Porosity.On the trail to finding your mother in the main storyline, you’ll have to attend a party being thrown by Perikles in Athens.She loves to share the knowledge she is actively discovering  with the natural hair or curly hair community of men and women right here on Nappy by Natural! Learn More… .You might be thinking, “Great.

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Top 18 quick dinner recipes
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